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A ‘New America’ Calls For New Messaging


diversityimageAs I read through a recent issue of Nation’s Restaurant News, I came across an article titled ‘Feeding the Needs of a New America‘. It discussed the upcoming US census and the data points that were likely to be revealed. The concept that the ‘average American’ has ceased to exist (from a marketing perspective) was pervasive throughout the article. In essence, our population has become so diverse that we’re unable to pinpoint a universal set of traits or behaviors that are applicable across the country. Thus, we can no longer send the same message to everyone. While this isn’t exactly a new concept, it looks as though we’ll now have the hard data to support it. The changing population centers, current economic conditions, demographics, and tastes are all impacting how we make decisions. So– what are we to do? The answer seems simple enough: alter your products and messaging to speak directly to the tastes and preferences of the respective local market. Ideally, marketing and messaging should be store-specific– the execution, however, is not that simple. You can read more on this subject in our local marketing series.

I’m curious: what are your thoughts on these findings? And– how are you keeping up with the ever-changing market?